The Victory in Monaco has a special flavor for the Scuderia. Pole position, front row and a glam one-two at the checkered flag. A mega result duplicated after sixteen long years, a well deserved tribute for the hard work the Maranello boys have been putting behind the 2017 project. Most Ferrari mechanics will confess that they have never worked so hard in their professional life, spending hours and hours trying to assemble and servicing the best cars on the grid. The gap to Mercedes is practically shut and, in places like on the street of the Principality, the SF70H went faster then the silver arrows. The Ferrari drivers are very much on the ball: Kimi was a superb one-lap hero on Saturday and Sebastian was impossible to beat on Sunday. Fools are the few who thought of a well disguised Team order strategy, coz that never was. It came down to drivers and their performances on the ever surprising (and unpredictable) Pirellis and to whom better interpreted the tyre compounds on the tight and twisty streets of Montecarlo. With only six races gone in the Championship and Hamilton floating in the middle of last Sunday’s pack, there was no need to impose an order which is always embarrassing to justify. Let’s face it, a Team order is an evident admission of weakness, a chess move to protect and not to offend. This year, defending, is not one of Ferrari’s aims. Unlike the popular Italian “catenaccio” in football, the 2017 scarlet cars are well launched in a very agressive attacking mode.

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    Raikkonen !ai ai ai ai ! Alone !!!!!

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