Personal Information

  • Lives: Lugano, Switzerland
  • Date of Birth: 9 September 1952
  • Family: Married to Jennifer, three children
  • Interests/Hobbies: All sports, particularly basketball, running and cycling
  • Languages: Italian, English, Spanish and French



Enrico Zanarini is recognised as a specialist in driver management and sponsorship acquisition.

He started his career in driver management in the early 1970s when he was a Marketing Director for Alfa Romeo in Australia. He then began managing some of the drivers in its touring car team, among them F1 World Champion Alan Jones, Colin Bond and Tim Schenken. After relocating to Europe in 1986, Zanarini decided to pursue sponsorship and driver management full time, managing drivers in F3 and F3000.

In 1994 Zanarini began his nine-year relationship with Eddie Irvine, consolidating his full-time driver management role in 1996 and supporting Irvine’s career with Ferrari.

In 2003, Enrico signed Giancarlo Fisichella, steering him into seats at Sauber and Renault, where Fisichella was instrumental in leading the French team to two F1 constructors’ championships in 2005 and 2006. Zanarini did much the same for Fisichella as he did for Irvine, orchestrating his celebrated move to Ferrari in 2009.

In 2005, Enrico expanded into team management and developing new Italian driver talent by setting up F3000 team Fisichella Motor Sport (FMS) in partnership with Giancarlo Fisichella. The pair then took the venture further by joining forces with the Coloni family in 2006 to form Fisichella Motor Sport International (FMSI). During this period FMS scored three championship victories in F3000, with FMSI also winning races and scoring podiums in GP2 Series.

At the end of 2010, Zanarini secured the management of Tonio Liuzzi in F1, thus becoming the most experienced drivers’ manager in the sport.

In 2012 and 2013, Enrico focused on new development of his agency Media & Sport Management Ltd, opening branches around the world, Moscow, Abu Dhabi, Mumbai, Hong Kong. The agency have been credited as “Official Sponsorship Agency” of Scuderia Ferrari.

Formula One Fast Facts

  • 1992 F.1 debut as manager of Emanuele Naspetti, 5 GP
  • 1993 Manager, Naspetti, Sponsorship agent Jordan Grand Prix, 6 GP
  • 1994 Business Manager, Eddie Irvine, 5 GP
  • 1995 Business Manager, Irvine, 10 GP
  • 1996 Business Manager, Irvine, 11 GP
  • 1997 Manager, Irvine, 13 GP
  • 1998 Manager, Irvine, 16 GP
  • 1999 Manager, Irvine, 16 GP
  • 2000 Manager, Irvine, 17 GP
  • 2001 Manager, Irvine, 17 GP
  • 2002 Manager, Irvine, 17 GP
  • 2003 Manager, Fisichella, 15 GP
  • 2004 Manager, Fisichella, 18 GP
  • 2005 Manager, Fisichella, 19 GP
  • 2006 Manager, Fisichella, 18 GP
  • 2007 Manager, Fisichella, 17 GP
  • 2008 Manager, Fisichella, 16 GP
  • 2009 Manager, Fisichella, 17 GP
  • 2010 Manager, Fisichella, 15 GP
  • 2011 Manager, Liuzzi, 18 GP
  • 2012 Sponsorship Agent F.1, 12 GP
  • 2013 Sponsorship Agent F.1, 12 GP
  • 2014 Sponsorship Agent F.1, 14 GP
  • 2015 Sponsorship Agent F.1, 14 GP
  • 2016 Sponsorship Agent F.1. Manager, Fuoco & Giovinazzi


Total Attended Grand Prix: 352
Best F.1 GP Results: 7 Victories (4 IRV; 3 FIS)
World F.1 Manufacturers titles: 3 (2 FIS; 1 IRV)